Thai massage

Thai massage
Thai massage

A wonderful world of Thai massage has been created for guests of the Vorontsov Park. The world of tranquility, enjoyment, harmony and spa relaxation is what each of us needs. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable atmosphere of relaxation, try medicinal herbal teas, feel the magical power of plants. One of the main features of the Vorontsov Baths complex is a unique opportunity to enjoy Thai and Balinese SPA treatments.


  • Traditional Balinese massage
  • It is a combination of classical massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy. Professional massage therapists from Bali perfectly relieve tension and muscle fatigue, charge with cheerfulness and optimism, contribute to improving the overall health and condition of the skin.

  • Classic Thai massage
  • Thai traditional massage works through all muscle groups, effectively relieves tension, stimulates vital energy and after the first session gives a feeling of harmony and physical renewal.

  • Relaxing massage with oil
  • Helps strengthen the immune system, reduces the risk of colds in the cold season, improves metabolism and activates processes in the subcutaneous fat layer.

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